Lake Trout Fishing Made Easy

Lake trout is really fun and exciting to catch. Even if you are just starting out, don’t’ worry about it. It’s a big fish, but it’s quite easy to catch lake trout with some tricks.

You just need to have some fundamental knowledge about lake trout coupled with some tips that we are going to share. They are easy to follow and will make lake trout fishing much easier.

Lake trout lives in freshwater, a native fish to North America. They live in large, deep and cold lakes, have dark green or greyish body with yellowish or white spots. They eat leeches, crustaceans, insect larvae, snails, and other small fish.

Lake trout has an average lifespan of 25 years, an average length of about 14’’ to 20’’ long and it can be as big as 50+ lbs.

Lake trout likes cold water. Having said so, depth is one of the most important factors. When the weather gets warmer, you must go deeper to fish them. Stay between the surface and 10 feet deep is the recommendation.

However, when it’s spring time, go about 20 to 30 feet deep. During the summer time, it gets a bit harder fishing for lake trout, you got to go deeper.

There are many factors which decides which type of lure is the best to fish for lake trout. It very much depends on the season, trout population, depth and bait fish that’s available during that time.

Do note that live bait is always a better option compared to artificial lures. If you couldn’t get live bait, try finding those that resemble native bait fish you’d find at the fishing spot that you’re fishing in.

Lake trout has the tendency to stay in the same area. If you can catch a lake trout, likely that there are more trout nearby, so stay in the same area. Nevertheless, if you don’t catch anything after some time, try and change to a different location or area.

As mentioned earlier, live bait is a better choice than any artificial one. We suggest using a nightcrawler. It’s the best live bait that you should choose based on our fishing experience.

If you couldn’t get any nightcrawlers, try with medium and large minnows or with some salmon eggs. Check with the locals on what the fish in your area are biting on. Sometimes, depending on the region and the season, trout likes different food.

A fish finder is expensive, but it improves your chances of finding lake trout with ease. You’ll be able to detect schools of trout easily and at what depth those fishes are. It’s a good investment if you are serious into fishing, but it only works when you’re fishing from a boat.

Fishing for lake trout is always fun. It’s a big fish and the joy it brings to you when you catch it, is hard to describe through words. Hope that the information shared here helps you the very next time you go fishing for lake trout.